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Pelvic floor physical therapist

Pelvic Floor PT that is one-on-one care the ENTIRE treatment session with an individual, personalized treatment approach.



Dr. Lia Palomino

Hi! I'm Lia the founder and pelvic physical therapist at Michigan Pelvic Rehab and Wellness.


Michigan Pelvic Rehab and Wellness was founded upon the passion of providing individualized and personalized care in pelvic health physical therapy. Pelvic floor physical therapy is a quickly growing specialty in healthcare, however there remains a limited number of passionate providers to serve this much needed population. Treatment for pelvic floor dysfunction is progressing everyday and doesn’t have to be scary and unknown; and may just be what YOU need to live your best life. . .

Physical therapist

We treat a variety of pelvic floor conditions and dysfunctions for all ages and genders.


We treat all stages of pregnancy to provide relief of symptoms and improved function as well as the needed recovery postpartum.


We specialize in treating the whole body and many orthopedic conditions from the head all the way to the feet, which could be impacting the pelvic floor too.


Certified in Integrative Dry Needling to treat a variety of neuromuscular and musculoskeletal conditions using this trigger point therapy technique.


Bodywork that is specific to the fascia and it's effects on the body. Rolfing® addresses these fascial restrictions using specific

strategies to promote pain relief and optimal function.  


This hands-on therapy addresses imbalance in the central nervous system to eliminate pain and tension as well as providing total body relaxation.

"I'm a long time sufferer of Interstitial Cystitis, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, and a confusing, agonizing slew of other issues I had only dreamed of healing from until I met Lia. She's thorough and has such a wonderful knowledge of the human body and it's interconnectedness. If you're anything like me, and others that suffer with similar problems, you've probably had a good run with doctors and other professionals that write off what you're experiencing. I can't say enough what a validating, relieving, life-changing journey I've had with Lia as my specialist, even in just a short amount of time and I love knowing that others who experience the pain and distress I do aren't without help thanks to people like Lia." 

Kelsey S.

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